How well is your website performing?


First impressions can be lasting impressions. And, for many of your consumers, your website might be the first exposure they have to a company. In an instant, visitors to a company’s website will form opinions and attitudes about that company … its level of experience and expertise, its ability to provide the information or solution for which they are searching, and whether or not they might want to do business with that firm. Top-performing sites are customer-centric; they are designed around what the customers are looking for; not based on how/what the company wants to communicate. A well-designed, visually appealing website conveys trust and credibility; a site that’s simple to use and easy to navigate generates more sales and increases profitability.

That first impression can make or break your website’s success. In those critical first few moments, if your visitors can’t figure out what you do, what you can do for them, and where they can find the information that drove them to your site in the first place, they’ll leave. Today’s Internet users are extremely impatient and very skilled in the use of the back button … their most frequently used button. To encourage your customers to interact with your business or brand and to purchase your products and services, your website must have a professional web design based on the customers’ needs and habits, with an attractive, intuitive, and user-friendly interface, and a clear call to action.

The web designers at TBRC believe the following three elements form the basic foundation for an effective “visitor-focused” web design and are necessary for a well-performing website:

An effective information architecture that provides an intuitive navigation scheme that makes it easy for visitors to find valuable content on your website;
An attractive user interface that effectively incorporates the necessary content and functionality into the site, while balancing the design aesthetics with site usability;
An effective sales funnel that channels visitors through the most valuable content and then leverages a strong call to action to encourage the desired outcome for each visit.
Our comprehensive web design services include:

Landing page design
Custom website design
Ecommerce web design
Mobile web design
Custom Facebook fan pages
Our web design team will meet with you to thoroughly understand both your consumer and your objectives for the website. In addition, the team will review available research and website analytics from your current website and analyze the sites of your key competitors . Then, based on this, they will develop design alternatives intended to clearly communicate the site’s value to visitors and improve the performance of your website. Tirana Business Research Center is a firm believer in designing for all markets and enabling progressive enhancement. Our professional web designers follow W3C web and accessibility standards to create web accessible sites that reach out to a larger customer base, resulting in more sales for your business.

Our goal is to provide a compelling experience for your target market while reflecting your organizational culture and building your brand. We listen to your needs and deliver a custom web design that works for you. Whether your website needs a complete redesign or a few tweaks here or there, the web design team at TBRC can provide an effective and affordable design solution, that employs the latest techniques and technology to create search engine friendly websites that boost your website traffic, engage your customers and convert leads into sales.