Is your SEO effort driving sales or just search rankings?

Millions upon millions of people are searching online for products, services and information every day. Your customers are searching, too. Is your company’s website positioned to maximize its visibility to those customers? The search marketing team at TBRC works with our clients to help ensure their most desirable and qualified customers find their way to the company’s websites.

The objective of search engine optimization, or SEO, is to improve the visibility of a website or individual web page by improving the ranking of that website in the list of “organic”, or “natural” search results. In general, the earlier or higher on a page a site appears in the search engine results pages (SERPs), the more visitors that site will receive from the search engine’s users — at no cost to the company.

To be effective and profitable, however, SEO efforts cannot be measured merely by counting the number of page 1 rankings or the amount of increased visitor traffic generated by the organic links. Rather, TBRC believes companies need to focus on quality over quantity by developing strategies that will improve rankings for keywords that generate the best qualified traffic which has the highest likelihood to convert into new customers and increased sales. At TBRC, SEO programs are measured against two goals: increasing sales and improving ROI. It’s not enough to generate website traffic or first page rankings on Google and declare “mission accomplished” … particularly if that visitor traffic doesn’t convert into customers or these ranking are for keyword phrases with little search volume. You can take sales revenue to the bank, but you can’t cash a “ranking”.

The experienced search professionals at TBRC leverage a knowledge base encompassing not only SEO, but the best practices in web design, web development, paid search, social media and web analytics to provide SEO solutions that generate measurable results. Utilizing only “white hat” tactics, our team works with clients to develop an effective SEO strategy to make their websites more “SEO-friendly”, organize content around targeted keywords, create meaningful external links that improve online authority, and maintain an ongoing program of measurement and tracking to ensure clients reap the long-term benefits of improved positioning in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our comprehensive SEO services are based on a four-step approach to SEO, including:

Step I: SEO Keyword Selection

Market/competitive research to select the optimal keyword targets
Keyword research on search query volume and competitiveness
Review of existing web analytics and PPC data
Analysis of SEO results benchmarks
Step II: SEO Web Site Audit

Technical evaluation of the structure and programming of existing website(s)
Analysis of site’s linking structure
Review of existing website content and deployment relative to targeted keywords
Recommendations for improved site design/engineering, content optimization and link-building efforts.
Step III: SEO Implementation

Assignment of SEO team (design, programming search marketing specialists)
Establishment of specific and measurable goals for SEO program
Development of strategies and “white-hat” tactics to implement recommendations
Technical on-page optimization (tags, page naming, internal page linking, etc.)
Content optimization (keyword density, reorganization around keyword themes, assignment of proper headline tags, etc.)
Development of SEO transition plan
Implementation/integration of software/tracking codes for measurement
Step IV: SEO Program Management

Monthly measurement, analysis and reporting
On-going content additions/optimizations
On-going link-building
SEO-friendly integration with Social Media efforts
On-going review of changes in search engines, search algorithms, search behavior and implementation of new SEO techniques
At Tirana Business Research Center, SEO is about ROI, not rankings. Our search engine optimization services are designed to go beyond merely improving rankings and traffic; they are designed to leverage a wide range of SEO tactics to measurably improve sales and generate a profitable return on our clients’ investment in SEO activities. Contact TBRC today to discuss how we might help your business improve its search engine optimization efforts.