How effective is your paid search campaign?

Paid search advertising is a key component of a solid search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. Paid search, also known as pay-per-click advertising (PPC), has become the dominant form of online advertising because of its effectiveness in driving well-targeted Internet searchers to a company’s website. With an effective and properly executed paid search campaign, a company can proactively generate more qualified visitors to their site and then track their activity on a very detailed level … from which pages they visit, to their form submissions and purchases. This detailed data allows companies to better optimize their paid search campaigns against specific ROI metrics. But, without the experience and expertise of managing advanced paid search, companies can make costly mistakes in their PPC campaigns that can consume tens of thousands of eur.

Over this years, TBRC has managed paid search campaigns for our clients, ranging from a few hundred keywords and a large budget to campaigns encompassing tens of thousands of keywords, dozens of search engines and directories and spending of over to much per month. Our Internet marketing team works closely with each client to understand their business objectives, define the key performance metrics for each paid search campaign and then measure and optimize those campaigns against specific ROI goals and specific campaign objectives. We provide support, tracking, analysis and recommendations for every step of our clients’ PPC campaigns. The end result is highly successful PPC campaigns and satisfied clients.

Our comprehensive paid search advertising services include:

Comprehensive audit of your existing PPC campaign
Exhaustive keyword research of category, competitors and target consumers’ search habits
Review of existing web site analytics, if available
Identification of a substantial list of keyword and keyword phrases, with likelihood for large traffic, strong conversion and high-ROI
Customized design and setup of all PPC campaigns
Implementation of paid search campaigns in all appropriate networks, including search engines, content networks, directories and IYP’s
Ongoing keyword optimization and bid management to maximize campaign performance
Creation of necessary ad copy and creative and on-going A/B-split and multivariate testing
Application of tracking codes to enable integration with existing CRM’s, web analytics and call tracking systems
Click-fraud monitoring
Local, regional and national targeting, as appropriate
Landing page creation/optimization
Detailed analysis/reporting on the performance of all tests, keywords and landing pages, including ROI measurement/tracking
Cost-effective management of all campaigns
Monthly budget analysis and recommendations
Paid search reviews and recommendations for you to use in your other marketing programs
Let TBRC team of search specialists handle your paid search marketing needs. Whether you need to develop a complete campaign from scratch, or just want us to review and analyze your existing campaign and provide some helpful recommendations to your in-house staff, contact TBRC today. We’ll help bring you more qualified leads, more sales and help you to maximize the return you get on your investment in paid search advertising.