Strategic Media Planning makes your advertising campaigns perform better!

At Tirana Business Research Center, we believe there is a discipline and science to designing and planning the most effective media campaigns for our clients. We use the discipline and science of media planning to determine the “who”, “how”, “when”, “where”, “which”, and, sometimes even the “why”, that will define the recommended media plans and produce the best results

Disciplined media planning will ensure you are putting your advertising message in front of the right audience … using the right media channels, where your customers are most likely to see it … and advertising at the times when they are most likely to respond and you are best able to engage with them. It will help you utilize your advertising budget more efficiently. It will provide specific goals for the media buyers that will result in lower negotiated media rates. And, most importantly, effective media planning will improve your advertising ROI.

This comprehensive media planning process starts with a review of the industry and competition and an evaluation of available media research to understand the consumer habits and motivations that may impact their response to your advertising. Then, we design a customized media strategy, based on a careful examination of your business, your competitive position and your unique marketing goals and objectives. Finally, a strategic calendar of advertising activity is recommended that provides for effective utilization of your advertising budget. This media plan will provide a framework within which the media buyers can evaluate various media proposals … and then negotiate, purchase and schedule the

Too often, effective media planning is overlooked or “short-cutted”, in favor of jumping right into the media buying; but at TBRC , we know from over twenty-five years of both client-side and agency experience that the best performing media plans come from a foundation of solid media planning. If you’re not confident that your current advertising agency or in-house media buying department is providing you with effective media planning, we will helping you with the best media evaluation offer.

TBRC media planning services and deliverables include:

Evaluating available third-party industry and consumer research
Reviewing competitive spending levels, where available
Evaluating past/current media plans
Posting current television buys and negotiating any make-good weight
Reconciling current/recent media invoices against plans and negotiating credits and make-good weight as necessary
Developing customized media strategy
Providing advertising calendars, flow charts, etc.
Managing and reconciling advertising budgets
Forecasting media weight and delivery, media costs, results
Providing quarterly media cost/rate targets for media buyers
Assessing geographic spill outside your target geography (media waste)
Media Research

The media planners at Tirana Business Research Center leverage a wide array of online and offline research tools to understand consumer habits and motivations. We can mine your existing customer list to research and identify the demographics of your ideal customer and zero on their behaviors and psychographics. Our media planners utilize Scarborough and Snapshots to better understand your customers’ media usage habits and utilize media tracking services such as Nielsen, Arbitron and SQAD to effectively forecast media costs and set buying goals. Finally, using advanced media planning and tracking software, TBRC media planners develop more efficient and effective media plans for our clients