Are you promoting your brand with both traditional media and internet marketing campaigns?

More companies are devoting a larger share of their advertising budget to internet marketing these days, but you shouldn’t abandon traditional media. Both belong in your marketing mix; the key is to find out how to make them work together for measurably better results. At TBRC our experts will review your marketing strategy to ensure that your online and offline marketing campaigns are working together synergistically, your message is being delivered consistently across all the media channels you use – both traditional media and internet you are dedicating your ad money to the most effective approaches and optimizing your advertising budget Our ultimate goal is to maximize the exposure of your marketing campaigns and reach your target audience at the lowest cost possible.

Objectives of Traditional Media Marketing and Internet Marketing

No matter which type of marketing you pursue, the objectives are universal:

Build awareness of your company’s brands, products and/or services
Educate and inform customers about the features and benefits of your products or services
Generate leads and sales by inciting customers to inquire about and ultimately purchase your products or services
While the goals of traditional media marketing and internet marketing are the same, the way in which your message is delivered and reaches your target audience is fundamentally different. A traditional media advertising campaign uses one or more media channels such as television, radio, print or out-of-home to attract the attention of potential customers who may or may not be actively seeking the products or services being advertised.

Traditional media marketing is visually engaging and, as such, particularly effective at building awareness of your brands, products or services. It is also effective at targeting based on a specific geographic area (think regional/local TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, magazines or circulars, outdoor signage, billboards, etc.)

On the other hand, internet marketing uses one or more online channels such as search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, email, social media sites or Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices to reach an audience that is actively seeking specific content, news or information about a product or service. Through web sites, landing pages, email and more, internet marketing is an excellent way to educate consumers about your brands, products or services.

Online you can provide limitless details and images about your product, as well as a convenient purchase method. As a result, internet marketing is more effective than traditional marketing at generating leads and sales.

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

To effectively integrate your internet and traditional media marketing campaigns, you need to determine which combination of media channels work best for you and how much to spend on each. Online and offline marketing campaigns should have a consistent look, feel and flow. Your offline campaigns should always drive customers to your web site, landing page or social media fan page.

Many companies enlist the services of multiple marketing agencies to develop and manage their online and offline campaigns. Not only does this make it difficult to achieve cohesiveness between campaigns, but it can also be much more expensive. At TBRC, we can create and manage both internet and traditional media marketing campaigns. By leveraging our expertise, you can spare yourself the frustration of dealing with multiple agencies and personnel, as well as save time and money. We will ensure that you have the right mix of media and ad spend to successfully reach your target market and maximize your advertising ROI.