At TBRC, we help our clients achieve information superiority. We help you optimize business decisions by leveraging appropriate marketing proces and research techniques. Our holistic approach allows us to maximize the usefulness of available information to meet your business needs. We can help at each step, from problem/opportunity identification and study design to delivery of actionable solutions. We approach each opportunity with the business experience found in large research firms; the rigorous methodological understanding of academia; and the enthusiasm and creativity .

At TBRC, we operate under three guiding principles to help our clients gain the information advantage.

We Focus on Getting Accurate and Relevant Data
Quality research starts with quality data, and the best answers come from well thought out questions. Whether we are working with internal business data or gathering primary research, we make sure that projects are of correct and sufficient scope to accurately address the business need.

We Focus on Applying Effective and Appropriate Methodology

As the business environment changes, so must the techniques used to understand it, therefore we use new technology to improve traditional techniques. We approach each client’s situation and optimal solution as being unique. Therefore, we do not offer black-box/one-size-fits-all solutions. Our focus is always on understanding the needs of our client first, then selecting the best and most efficient methodology.

We Focus on Producing Actionable Advice

Our deliverables go beyond graphs, charts and percentages. We help our clients visualize the information holistically and always offer actionable solutions. We understand that each project needs to stay relevant within a larger framework. Communication is a key, and we provide our clients with answers that are both thorough and contextual.

By understanding, developing and implementing a market research strategy, you will set your organization on the journey to success. You will learn how to effectively navigate this process by carefully evaluating each step to successfully utilizing market research to reach your organization’s goals. You will learn how to:


Determine your organization’s market research needs
Set a realistic market research budget
Select the type of market research that is the best fit for your organization
Acquire high-quality, relevant syndicated market research
Choose the most appropriate and cost-effective licensing solution
Define what market research success means for your organization