Are your target customers “getting the message”?

Do they understand your “big idea” or see the “big picture” as you envision it?Ignite+New+Development+Marketing+Advertising+3

While much of what we do at Tirana Business Research Center revolves around delivering the client’s message into the hands of target customers, it would be ridiculous to suggest that the content and form of that message doesn’t have a fundamental impact on results.TBRC mission is to help clients maximize their “Marketing ROI”. Simply stated, that means helping companies generate the greatest economic return from their investment in advertising. Without an effective advertising message, even the perfect media strategy, the best media buying and a fully optimized web marketing strategy won’t deliver the best results! As such, TBRC also can help clients with the creation of their message.

Because of this experience, many of our clients engage TBRC to design creative that will communicate their strategic message (as well as managing the plans to deliver it). We leverage both in-house creative resources as well as strategic partnerships with creative agencies, branding agencies, and free-lance specialists across the country, to assist clients in any and all aspects of the creative development process … from developing their brand positioning, unique selling proposition and creative strategy to producing effective executions for television, radio, print, outdoor and Internet advertising.

Our client engagements are very flexible … they can be media management … designed to dovetail with each client’s needs, budgets and existing marketing resources. TBRC can help companies in the creative development area by merely participating with their existing creative team to supervising creative production or leading the entire process. In fact, in some cases, we serve as a “full-service” advertising agency, providing complete, turnkey creative solutions.